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Lindsey Buckingham - Don't Look Down (Official Music Video)

Lindsey Buckingham - Don't Look Down (Official Music Video)

You’re watching the official music video for "Don't Look Down" by Lindsey Buckingham from the 1992 album 'Out Of The Cradle'. Lindsey's new anthology is out now! Get your copy here and click SHOW MORE to read Lindsey's 2019 video liner notes. Subscribe to the Lindsey Buckingham Channel! Check out Lindsey's YouTube Playlists The Videography Lindsey's Recent Listens Lindsey's Influences Video Liner Notes: "Don’t Look Down is the opening track from the Out Of The Cradle album. A few years previous, I had made the decision to take leave of Fleetwood Mac because the creative and social environment had gotten too toxic due to other band members’ alcohol and drug use. Out Of The Cradle was my first solo outing in the wake of that, as well as the first time I’d toured in support of a solo album. The sense of having begun a new chapter is tangible in both the song and the video. Stylistically, Don’t Look Down is an exercise in a sort of musical “cubism”, the shapes of the choruses broken down into facets, much like a Picasso painting. Lyrically, the song celebrates the excitement and potential for growth that exists when one goes outside one’s comfort zone. Don’t Look Down is a celebration of taking a leap of faith. In putting a live show together for the tour, I chose an unconventional format. The band consisted of five guitarists, two percussionists, a drummer, a bass player and a keyboardist. The video, shot on tour in a documentary style, reveals the ten of us in the throes of forward motion, sharing a deeply felt communal spirit and sense of possibility." - Lindsey Buckingham Stay Connected with Lindsey on... Facebook Website Instagram Twitter Stream Soundcloud --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the official YouTube channel for Lindsey Buckingham. He is widely considered one of the greatest living guitar players and songwriters. A Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and 3 time GRAMMY winner, Buckingham is best known as the producer, guitarist, vocalist and chief songwriter for Fleetwood Mac and as a widely celebrated solo artist. Be sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out on the latest updates.
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